Securing technology based on experience in generators, transformers, high-voltage motors and cables over the past decade.



Hello, I'm Lee Sang-hoon, CEO of Fact Alliance Co., Ltd.

While living as an expert in charge of heavy electric devices for Korea East-West Power for more than a decade, I thought about how to manage heavy electric devices more effectively, and established the Fact Alliance Co., Ltd.

We intend to accurately analyze and manage the condition of heavy electric devices using artificial intelligence (AI) and big data analysis, which are technologies for the 4th industrial revolution.
In addition, we would like to share the experience of facility management through a forum where data can be managed through a web-type platform and facility managers, testers, and experts can exchange opinions from time to time.
We would like to take the lead in the development of new technologies in the power and plant fields such as hyperspectral chemical sensors and current measuring devices using optical ICs.

"Have a good vacation" is the motto of the company from my experience.
The combination of regular offline tests and 4th industrial revolution technology will prevent facility failures to ensure your happy vacation.
Please continue to show a lot of interest and support.
Be happy today, too.

PACT CEO Lee Sang Hoon's compensation.

팩트얼라이언스 대표



Design Concept

It is made with graphic motifs using P and hands.
Bluetone means the mutual reliability of the fact alliance, and red means passion as a management company.

It is a balanced hexagonal frame that means the future-oriented development and safety of the fact alliance.

[ Englich ] pact-alliance

[ Korean ] 팩트얼라이언스

[ Korean-English combination. ] pact-alliance 팩트얼라이언스